"The Amherst Method makes it safe, but your particular strategies encourage the wary. You help us lessen or remove the stress of sharing what we have written, and enjoy listening to each writer's response to the same prompt. In writing, I have become able to just trust my pen and let'er rip in response to a prompt, having experienced the magic of the way the brain creates when stress isn't blocking it. It delivers. It may not be "finished" in any sense, but it's readable, and its reception is safe and encouraging." -- Carol Tremper, Newton, NJ

Julie's (Maloney) skills and the magic of the island of Alonnisos (Greece) joined forces with the AWA writing method for an inspiring retreat. This was my second year to attend. Julie promoted an atmosphere that encouraged the writer to experiment with new voices and dive into an ocean of new feelings.I experienced wonderful group support which motivated me to move forward in my writing while remaining in the present moment. -- Patricia Vogel, Germany

Thank you “Women reading aloud.” Thank you Julie. Thank you, new friends.

I am having an amazing experience,(in Greece) and we are only in the middle of the ten days’ retreat. You helped me to make the grief and regret of my mother’s death go away. You made me feel happy. I am glowing..." --Lucie Novak, London, England

“Listening to women, watching women listen and hearing the stories of women who have clearly lived, this is bliss. This is Women Reading Aloud. I have been to several WRA events and I know why I am hooked. It is the listening. We simply do not make enough time to listen and to allow ourselves, our bodies to respond and travel.” --Joanne Edelmann, New York City, New York


"The Women Reading Aloud Weekend Retreat at The Beacon House in Sea Girt (NJ) inspired and supported me to step up, open up and speak my truth. It is the singular mixture of salt, sea and sand, which provides for the unique sounds of voices of women writers. I listened to the courage, I heard the truth, we laughed and cried and wrote from our hearts. It is by divine plan and not by accident that we elected to give ourselves this gift. Thank you to Julie Maloney who champions the writer in all of us.

--Dr. Juanita Kirton, East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania

"I have attended the (Greece) Alonnisos Writing Retreat with WRA for three years and each year I come away fuller, richer, and more excited about my writing.  I have grown so much as a woman and a writer from writing in this Kula with other generous and gifted writers.  Alonnisos is exquisite, the people warm and hospitable, and the writers inspiring.  But, it is Julie Maloney, our mentor and teacher who creates the safe and nurturing Kula where magic is possible.

--Lynne Rosenfeld, Randolph, New Jersey

"This was my first retreat with Women Reading Aloud and I was joining a group of women, (in France), many of whom knew each other from previous workshops and retreats with WRA. Even so, I immediately felt comfortable and attended to. And while this is in part because these women are genuinely open and accepting, is it undoubtedly also because Julie Maloney worked so hard to create an atmosphere where all attendees are embraced. Julie made a point to be present and attentive to everyone who took part. During our writing sessions, she always articulated the strength of the writing, and gave suggestions to further enhance those strengths. She encouraged us to take care of ourselves and use our time in ways that best suited our needs. I had the added stress of having had my luggage lost and Julie was so supportive as I dealt with multiple calls to the airlines. At all times, I felt she was there to support me, both as a writer and as a person. To that end, she held the retreat at Terra Nova Wellness Center, whose staff are equally approachable and thoughtful, and partnered with yoga instructor Jo Ann Jones, who is a bright light and a gifted practitioner. It is clear that Julie thoughtfully constructed all aspects of this retreat, in order to provide participants with the ideal environment for writing, but also a respite from our everyday lives."

--Delia Tramantino, San Francisco, California

"Wow! That really took my breath away! What a fantastic afternoon of poetry, discusssion, and friendship! Your questions were brilliant, insightful, as were Dorianne's (Laux) replies....I loved the informal format."

--Barbara Crooker, Pennsylvania

"I do feel alive when I am writing, reading, sharing, listening. It's really important to me! So Thank You for creating this community and continuing to nourish its growth. Hooray!

--Ellen Kahaner, South Orange, New Jersey

We all have areas in which we can grow, and I feel I spread my wings by participating in this wonderful retreat (Greece).” 
--Valerie Albarda, NC


"Thank you so much for the space to expand!!  LOVED it!!  The sign of a good weekend is not wanting it to end...I STILL wish I was back there!"

--Janet M. Neal, Montclair, New Jersey

"Thank you so much for another wonderful weekend retreat! Just what I needed! Such friendship, peace, inspiration, love!

--Susanna Rich, Blairstown, New Jersey

"I’m brimming over with gratitude and praise for the wonderful day you choreographed." 
Thank you. I feel inspired and recommitted to writing."
--Virginia Dillon, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

"The Writer's Retreat (Greece) is a time when you can be with your writing and be with yourself. It is a time to practice and reflect. During the 10 days, you may find the ususal demands on you for time and attention receding, replaced, instead, with friendship and support from people who are going down that same long road you are."

--Jeanne Dreyfus, Culver City, California

“How can I resist being in that glorious setting, luxuriating in that glorious event called "Women Reading Aloud," - a collective meditation."

-- Marie Reilly, Las Cruces, New Mexico


"The Amherst Method eliminated any anxiety I may have had about sharing my work."

--Norma Bernstock

“Thank you for the gift of hope you gave us

on Saturday. It was an inspiring moment in time.
--Anglea DiTonno, Staten Island, New York

“Developing new techniques and exploring diverse possibilities are avenues employed by WRA to facilitate the writer's skill and inner voice. As an evolving writer, I am a better writer, a better reader, a better listener, due in great part to Julie Maloney's direction and guidance through WRA.”
--Cecilia Cole, Chatham, New Jersey

"Yesterday was Magnificent!! There is no other word to describe the day. You have a great talent and passion for your work and it comes through "Loud and Clear." Every woman in that room could feel that energy..."

--Lynn Ferrer, Verona, New Jersey


WOMEN READING  ALOUD WRITERS at The Beacon House at Writer's Weekend Retreat in Sea Girt, NJ

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